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Adam ZimowskiMar 30, 2011 1:15 pm 
Subject:T5 & Tap Ioc (beauty) - kudos!
From:Adam Zimowski (
Date:Mar 30, 2011 1:15:51 pm

Today I'm more in love with Tapestry (5) than ever before. I had a milestone demo at work which went well, and could actually show a good portion of a re-written website running and working! I'm at the heights of my project development. I'm sure there are still few more of dark evenings loaded with frustration in store for my future, but I'm going to enjoy today...

From my daily work with T5 over past few months I can say with confidence it is a love-hate relationship. I get frustrated trying to get over the learning curve when things don't work. I don't enjoy stepping into the framework's guts unless I absolutely have to... But then...when I finally get things to work, it's like EVERY TIME the code is so elegant and gorgeous, it just makes me love Tapestry that much more. It's an amazing feeling, one I haven't had in many years as a Java dev.

And we love our new SPRING-less world of Tapestry! We love Tap-IOC painlessly injecting us remote EJB proxies :) LOVE IT !!! Our app layer is as light as it can be. We literally run only on:

* Tapestry * Apache commons lang * And of course EJB client libs

In practice, we are able to concurrently run two completely different teams:

Tapestry Devs and EJB/Hibernate devs. Both are experts within their own domain, no stepping on each other's toes :) Sure, this could be done with any framework, it's just that Tapestry makes it so darn easy and most importantly F-U-N :-)

Thank you for this great framework !